Graviola fruit powder, 250 g

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The benefits of a versatile herb in now in powder to tickle your tastebuds!


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The benefits of an all-around herb in a powerful powder!

Mighty good and renowned graviola fruit now in convenient powder form to brighten up your day!

Graviola is a diverse herb in its growing area of the native peoples, used for: expelling parasites, lowering fever, and generally energizing.

The fruit contains e.g. Vitamin C, iron, and B vitamins.

Usage: 1-2 teaspoons a day in 250 mL of water or add to cereal or yogurt.

Storage : In a cool, dark, dry place out of the reach of small children.
100% Graviola powder (Annona muricata) from Peru (fruit pulp).
Note. May contain allergens: nut, soy, gluten. Not for consumption by pregnant women; if you are taking medication, consult your doctor first.
Ravintosisältö/ Näringsvärde per 100 g:
Energia/Energi (kJ/kcal) 367 kcal, 1537 kJ
Rasvaa/Fett 1 g
-josta tyydytynyttä/varav mättat fett 0,15 g
Hiilihydraatteja/Kolhydrat 80 g
-josta sokeria/varav sockerarter 65 g
Proteiini/protein 6,2 g
Suola/salt 0,14 g
  • Origin China
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