Wholegrain rice cereal, 250 g

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Baby ricegruel naturally organic.


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Gruel keeps the baby going!

Holle's gluten-free rice gruel is made from organic pre-cooked whole grain rice. It's ideal for a baby meal because it's easy to digest and due to its fiber content. Suitable for starting solid food at the age of 6 months following the instructions of the clinic. Rice gruel is also suitable as a basis for different dishes according to age and eating habits. Milk-free and unsweetened.

Holle is the world's oldest manufacturer of organic baby food, which has been doing continuous quality work since 1930. The most important thing in product development is the needs of a small baby and a growing child. Holle products are made from organic and/or biodynamically (Demeter) grown raw materials. Holle baby food products are guaranteed to contain: genetically modified ingredients, added sugar, added flavorings and flavor enhancers, added colors, added preservatives.

Ingredients: Biodynamically grown whole grain rice, vitamin B1.

  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 7640104952510
  • SKU: HOLLE-7640104953012