Lemon Lip Balm, 4,3 g

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A lemony seduction to treat even the most chapped lips


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Super citrusy seduction for your lovely lips!

Lemony refreshment and gentle care for lips

This lip balm is made with fresh, cold-pressed lemon peel oil, which gives it a wonderfully fresh scent. The included lemongrass finishes off the refreshing ensemble.

Amazing HURRAW! Lip balms charm with their flavours and fragrances! They are completely natural and certified according to natural cosmetic standards. In addition to the excellent taste, it's a completely vegan product, produced with fair-trade raw materials that are also organic and raw. Only the best for your lips!

HURRAW! Lip Balms are eco-certified, made without animal testing and palm oil, completely vegan products.

HURRAW! lip balm
- Vegan
- Raw: production never exceeds 47 degrees in order to preserve all the nourishing properties.
- Free from parabens, paraffin oil, sulphites or synthetic colours and flavours.
- Never tested on animals.
- Free from soy.
- Free from gluten.
- Never contains genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.
- 50% of the packaging is made of recyclable material.
- Contains cold-pressed organic ingredients.
- Contains beneficial active ingredients such as almond oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil and sesame oil.
  • Origin United States of America
  • EAN: 851228005106
  • SKU: HURRAW-8051228005106