Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner

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On your side – also against bad breath.


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On your side – also against bad breath.

" Why should I get a tongue scraper? Surprisingly, many of us suffer from bad breath, unfortunately often without even realizing it.

Studies show that about a quarter of the population sometimes suffers from bad breath and about 6% suffer from it longer. In about nine out of ten cases, the cause is in the oral cavity, usually on the tongue's surface. Removing these bacteria is quick and easy with a specially designed tongue scraper.

Tongue scraper:

- Removes bad breath by removing odor-causing bacteria from the surface of the tongue.
- Helps reduce the number of bacteria that cause caries and periodontitis.
- Helps reduce plaque
- Regular cleaning of the tongue improves the taste buds.
- Ergonomic design and soft scraper do not damage the tongue.
- Suitable for adults and children over 10 years.

Do not press too hard on the tongue. Use the same force as when brushing your teeth.

At first, a vomiting reflex may occur, but it disappears over time, making it easier to clean the tongue even further back.

Use for adults and children over 10 years: Use the tongue scraper 1-2 times a day. Clean your tongue before brushing your teeth. Slide the tongue out and gently pull the scraper along the surface of the tongue from the back of the tongue toward the tip of the tongue several times. First, clean the center of the tongue and then the sides.

Rinse the scraper after each stroke, and finally rinse thoroughly with warm water. Also, rinse your mouth thoroughly with plenty of water. Brush your teeth normally.

For hygiene reasons, we recommend that you replace the tongue scraper approximately every three months. "

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