Aventurine, Rough-cut, 20-40 mm

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When the heart is heavy or the mind is in turmoil, the green aventurine is a stone in place. The colour green is associated with the forest and nothing calms and soothes the mind like the forest.


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Elegance and balance, as if from the forest itself!

Infinita, Aventurine rough-cut 20-40 mm. Green Aventurine has a powerful calming effect that supports the heart chakra. Its vibrations are purely green and provide balance. A little boost for your motivation and determination!

Green Aventurine is often used to calm the mind and body in cases of heartache. It's a stone for creativity, attraction and partnership. Green is also associated with nature and its lush abundance. Green Aventurine reminds us to look at the whole of life with attention to ourselves and our surroundings.

The beautiful aventurine is a great gift for someone who is passionate about interior design!
Infinitas stones are a delight to buy for yourself and to give as gifts, as they are collected with ethical values in mind.
Aventurine rough-cut
  • Origin Brazil
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