Chakra Stones, 7 pcs/pack

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Seven different stones - one for each energy center!


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Seven different stones - one for each energy center!

Happiness, balance and peace: chakra stones contribute to your well-being. Chakra stones are used to support the body's different chakras. The bag contains a stone for each chakra.

Chakra stones 7 pieces

- Amethyst (purple) - Crown chakra
- Rock crystal (clear) - forehead chakra / third eye
- Lapis lazuli (blue) - Throat chakra
-Aventurine (green) - Heart chakra
- Jade (yellow) - Solar Plexus
- Carnelian (orange) - Sacral/Navel chakra
- Jasper (red) - Root chakra

Stone size: approx. 2.5 cm in diameter.

Use:You can put the chakra stones on the corresponding place on your body. You can meditate with the stone or carry it with you. Listen to your intuition - and use the chakra stone in the way that suits you best. You can clean chakra stones by rinsing them with cold water.

Tip: It's told that sunlight and moonlight energize the stones and charge them.
Chakra stones 7 pieces
- Amethyst (Purple)
- Rock crystal (clear)
- Lapis lazuli (blue)
- Aventurine (green)
- Jade (yellow)
- Carnelian (orange)
- Jasper (red)
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