Crystal Salt Soap, 300 g

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Salt soap is the secret to perfect skin!


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Salt soap is the secret to perfect skin!

Do you know the salt soap?
The Crystal Salt Soap gently cleanses and disinfects the skin while locking moisture into the skin. Its minerals nourish the skin and improve the well-being of the skin. Many people experience that salt soap has improved the condition of the skin and reduced pores. The salt soap can be perfect for impure skin with pimples.

Use of salt soap:
The salt soap is a hard lump as it is. Therefore, we recommend that you massage it first in wet hands and then apply salt soap using your hands to your face. Let the mineral-rich salt work for a few minutes, and then rinse it off.
Then apply moisturizer according to your regular skincare routine. Unfortunately, the salt soap does not remove makeup, so remember to clean the skin first with a suitable makeup remover before using salt soap.

You can also use soap to peel the body's skin with gentle movements.

NOTE! As the salt soap is salty, be careful not to use it on wounds, as it is guaranteed to sting. Also, avoid the eyes and sensitive skin around the eye area.

100% natural composition.

  • Origin Pakistan
  • EAN: 6430034200048
  • SKU: INFINI-310006

"This soap suits for taking care of impure skin and pimples. Spread on clean skin with water, let affect a little time, then rinse with water. No infected zits - it helps even blains! It won´t dry skin either."

- Masu