Guasha Massage Stone, Black Onyx (Guasha)

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The stunning black Infinita Gua Sha Onyx Gua Sha is perfect for face and body massage.


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Gua sha: for relaxing moments and pampering!

Facial massage relaxes muscles and supports facial blood circulation, which in turn helps skin recover from environmental stressors. Brightens and smoothes. Use in facial massage: You can apply a facial oil or cream of your choice to the skin before the massage. Always treat facial skin gently. The facial massage can be repeated daily, for a few minutes at a time. Press the Gua Sha firmly against the skin, but do not stretch the skin. The Gua Sha is also an excellent and effective aid for full body massage. Massage activates fluid metabolism, relieves muscle pain, and opens locks and membranes. Use in body massage: You can apply the oil or cream of your choice to the skin before the massage. Rub the muscle firmly, but not painfully. Please note that muscle massages can sometimes show marks on the skin. However, they should disappear within a few days. Use Gua Sha as needed. Gua Sha can be cleaned with water. Handle Gua Sha with care, avoid bumps. Please note that massage stones are natural, meaning that their color can naturally vary.

  • Origin China
  • EAN: 6430034201380
  • SKU: INFINI-6430034201380

"This reminds of rolling the muscles with foam roller, only this time you roll your face. It´s feel great since we do use quite a lot our face muscles during the day. My boyfriend loved the nice long face massage!"

- Ninee