Rock Chrystal Tealight Lantern

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The rock crystal is commonly seen as a harmonizing and balancing stone that purifies, strengthens and releases positive energy while neutralizing negative energy. The beautiful white stone stick is also a stylish decorative element, making it a great gift - in white it will suit everyone's home!


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Light and bursting with positive energy!

A natural and beautiful rock crystal candle brings light and a lot of positive energy into the darkness! Rock crystal is also commonly thought of as harmonizing and balancing. It's like replacing negative energy with positive energy - and at the same time, it looks incredibly beautiful when lit by a candle with its light surface.

The rock chrystal tealight lantern is also a beautiful decorative element, which makes it a lovely gift!

Please note that each stone is a natural specimen and can vary in size, shape and colour. Cracks and lines are also part of their essence.

  • Origin Brazil
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