Sodalite, Rough-cut, 20-40 mm

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The stunning sodalite is not only a stunning decorative element, but also associated with spiritual balance and clear communication. Great for meditation.


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Clear communication with inner peace!

Infinita, Sodalite rough-cut 20 - 40 mm. The beautiful blue sodalite is used not only as a decorative element, but also as a support for written expression and as an aid to solving problems in communication. It helps the wearer to express himself in the way he wants.

A clear and calm mind can think logically and does not act impulsively or panic unnecessarily. Sodalite activates the forehead chakra and intuition, making it an excellent stone for meditation. Sodalite is also associated with emotional balance and inner peace.

A really beautiful blue sodalite is also a wonderful gift. Infinita stones are a delight to buy for personal use and to give as gifts, as they are collected with ethical values in mind.
Sodalite rough-cut
  • Origin Brazil
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