White Sage Bundle

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White sage can be burned to support meditation and whenever you feel the need to cleanse your home or other space of heavy, negative energies. Responsibly produced white sage can be smoked in good spirits.


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Blow negativity out of the air!

Throughout the ages, sage has been used in various rituals and ceremonies to purify the energies of a home or space. White sage is used for exactly the same purpose today, to cleanse the energies of your home. White salvia also works well as a meditation aid to relax the mind.

Infinita's white sage (Salvia Apiana) is responsibly produced. It's a pure natural product, grown sustainably in California. 

To cleanse home/space energies with white sage smoke. Light the head of the chrysanthemum and let it burn for a while on the flame, then blow the flame out. The head of the white sage bundle will remain smoking and the cleansing scent of the sage will spread around you.

Let the magical smoke curls of the white sage diffuse through the space and let it do its energetic cleansing work, spreading to every corner. The cleansing should be done from the bottom up towards the open window, so that the negative energies can flow out of the window with the smoke. You can also carry a bundle of white smoke in your hand and direct the smoke curls to places that you feel need special cleansing. When the energetic cleansing is complete, extinguish the end of the sage bundle by pressing it against a non-flammable surface. You can do the cleansing regularly once a month or as often as you feel the need.

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