Luffa Soap Cushion, 2 pcs

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Breathable soap cushions at your service!


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Breathable soap cushions at your service!

A soap tray made of natural sponge, loofah, which also acts as a cleaning sponge.A non-toxic and breathable base for all your soaps at home, which you can also use to clean your home surfaces when needed. Suitable for all surfaces, not abrasive.

Use: Clean in boiling water with a little mild dishwashing liquid. Rinse and allow to dry. When the pad changes colour or becomes too soft, it's time to put it in the compost. Made in Spain without chemicals. Try it now and see for yourself!

100% Loofah

  • Origin Spain
  • EAN: 7312511005423
  • SKU: IRIS-7312511005423