Chaga Crush, 100 g

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Chaga crush to make your body happy!


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A joy for the mouth and body!

The Chaga will unleash your body's superpowers and strengthen your body to stay at full strength even when the cold season's special challenges hit. Kaavi Porcini's 100% pure and domestic chaga mushroom is collected directly from Lapland, Finland. This diamond-shaped natural product does not contain any added ingredients but only the pure, naturally harvested chaga. Chaga is a decaying fungus that often grows in difficult climatic conditions and has been used for thousands of years by all peoples, especially in Russia and China. Please note! Chaga should not be used concomitantly with antibiotics, blood thinners, penicillin and intravenous glucose. Not recommended for people allergic to fungi.
100 % Chaga
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430060220430
  • SKU: KAAVI-6430060220430