Dried Black Trumpet, 15 g

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Dried black trumpet mushrooms are a noble taste sensation


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Dried black trumpet mushrooms are a noble taste sensation

Kaavi Porcini dried trumpet mushrooms are the king of mushroom delicacies! The black trumpet mushroom has a very refined taste, a strong aroma and is very difficult to find because it hides effectively in the landscape. You won't notice these mushrooms until you've spent some time searching for them! The dried black trumpet mushrooms are canned in an airtight glass jar with a net content of 15 g. 150 g of fresh mushrooms are used for this 15 g.

It's pretty amazing how Kaavi Porcini mushrooms bring real freshness to your kitchen. The secret is that the mushrooms are dried immediately on the day of picking. For Kaavi Porcini, freshness and quality are important and they carefully monitor the mushroom's journey from the forest to the dehydrator and from there to the airtight glass jars. Everything at Kaavi Porcin is based on quality - which you're guaranteed to taste!
BLACK TRUMPET (craterellus cornucopioides)
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430060220065
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