Healing Hook, (Kipukoukku®), Black

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Composite healing hook for pain and muscle aches


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Composite healing hook for pain and muscle aches

HealingHOOK (Kipukoukku®) is a Finnish innovation for easy and quick self-care of muscles. The folding mechanism enables use regardless of location and occasion.

Made of a durable and ecological natural fiber composite. The easy-to-clean hook is also suitable for use in saunas.

Designed and made with love to improve your quality of life.

HealingHOOK has more than 200 000 satisfied users in Finland.
Developed in 2002, HealingHOOK is a user-friendly self-care tool for muscles. All raw material sourcing, manufacturing, and production are based in Finland. The effectiveness of treatments with HealingHOOK is based on releasing tensions, increasing circulation and removing metabolic waste from the muscles. Shoulder and neck pain commonly caused by static muscle tension as a result of bad posture can be eased with the use of HealingHOOK.

HealingHOOK is quick to relieve symptoms of muscle stiffness, such as headache, dizziness and sciatica. HealingHOOK gives everybody the possibility to relax and feel good. HealingHOOK is an essential help for athletes, people engaged with crafts or heavy physical work, and office workers.

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