HealingHOOK, Wood

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HealingHOOK is for the computer worker, a supreme friend, and a blissful helper. The HealingHOOK is a Finnish invention made of birch plywood.


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Get hooked on pain alleviation!

There should be no sore spot in a person. Shoulder pain can be conveniently hooked off with the help of the Kipukoukku® HealingHOOK. HealingHOOK is a muscle care tool for treating pain points and sore muscles throughout the body.

Kipukoukku® means "Painhook". Hooking improves lymphatic and blood circulation and stretches muscles. Test the power & be amazed!

The way of acting of the HealingHOOK is based on the release of muscle tension, the intensification of blood circulation, and the removal of waste products from the muscles. Pain in the neck-shoulder region is most often caused by muscle tension due to the static position and can be relieved with a HealingHOOK.

With a HealingHOOK, you get quick help with symptoms caused by muscle stiffness, such as headaches and dizziness. The HealingHOOK gives everyone a chance to relax and feel good. It is an absolute help for athletes, artisans, computer workers, or any worker!

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430030447782
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