Eau de Parfum Présence, 30 ml

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The floral fragrance of Bach flower drops brings not only a wonderful fragrance but also aromatherapeutic effects. Experience the adventures of a new morning surrounded by the scent of flowers and the inner peace of positivity!


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For the lover of floral scents, inner peace, positivity and communication gold.

Présence is the winning choice of the floral fragrance lover. It's a unique natural perfume, combining natural fragrances with well-being-enhancing Bach flower extracts and aromatherapy oils.

Présence's feminine and sophisticated fragrance is distinguished by a hint of fresh honeysuckle and wild rose. The bubbly fragrance is rooted in oak and wild apple.

The Bach floral extracts in Présence have been selected to enhance inner peace and create a new positive perspective on the environment, improving communication with those around you.

Initial scents: common verbena, clematis
Heart scents: wild rose, honeysuckle
Base scents: pine, oak, wild apple

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