Gaia Premium Bari Potong Black Tea, 100 g

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Crown your moment with a cup of Nepalese delight!


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Crown your moment with a cup of Nepalese delight!

Harvested from small organic farms in Potong, Nepal, this premium quality darjeeling tea will save your day! If you want a cup of premium unflavoured black tea, buy this!

Harvested from carefully selected tea bushes, this tea has a floral sweetness at first taste, with a hint of toasted bread, fruit and nutmeg underneath.

Les Jardins de Gaïa

As a tea house, Les Jardins de Gaïa in north-eastern France is a pioneer in organic and Fair Trade. Their philosophy is to respect people and nature, while uncompromisingly making the best quality tea. The most amazing teas and flavors are born from the rich soil and diverse nature, through ancient knowledge and tradition. Founded in 1994, Les Jardins de Gaïa has been actively working from the outset to promote organic farming, fair trade and sustainable development around the world. Gaïa enters into long-term contracts with farmers and creates financial stability, e.g. advance payments and price and purchase quantity guarantees, and supports small cooperatives and local projects for the benefit of the environment and people. Fair trade projects have been launched in India, China, Africa and East and South-East Asia.

Les Jardins de Gaïa products deservedly carry a number of prestigious and reliable certificates: ECOCERT / AB (organic), DEMETER (biodynamic farming) and MAX HAVELAAR (Fair Trade). Gaïa currently has more Max Havelaar Fair Trade certified products than any other company in France.
Ingredients: Black tea*. *From organic and biodynamic farming.
  • Origin France
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