Menstrual Cup, Purple Size 2

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A Menstrual Cup saves money, nerves, and the environment!


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A Menstrual Cup saves money, nerves, and the environment!

Lunette's vegan menstrual cups are made in Finland, and they last for years. They also provide safer protection for your bleeding than tampons and sanitary napkins. The menstrual cup is easy to use, and it is made of medical silicone. On top of that, you get a small sweet bag in which the menstrual cup easily goes with you on trips. Size number 2 is the larger size that fits most people. If you are young (or have light menstrual bleeding), we recommend the smaller size, number 1. The Lunette menstrual cup is the menstrual protection of the future. It is time to say goodbye to uncomfortable sanitary napkins, and you no longer have to worry about the tampons being enough. Used correctly, the Lunette menstrual cup lasts for years, an economical and environmentally friendly choice! The Lunette menstrual cup is easy to use and a safe choice. The cup only needs to be emptied two to four times a day and can be used at night. The Lunette menstrual cup is a hygienic choice. The menstrual cup is a healthier choice than disposable protection because it does not upset the moisture balance in the vagina and does not dry out the mucous membranes. It does not interfere with the vagina's natural way of removing dead cells and bacteria with menstrual blood. The Lunette menstrual cup is safe to use. The Lunette menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone and approved by local health authorities in Australia and the United States after careful examination. The Lunette products have also received certificates for high-quality manufacturing according to Finnish standards. The menstrual cup has also never been found to cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome). Users of Lunette menstrual cups have a better time during menstruation! In an independent customer survey, 95% of the participants gave the Lunette menstrual cup the best score. 88% of those who responded to the survey said their quality of life improved due to the menstrual cup. Have a nicer menstrual period with a menstrual cup!

Made of soft medical silicone that is BPA and chemical-free. Diameter: 46 mm by 52 mm. The shaft measures: 20 mm. Cup volume: 30 ml. Dimensions: 7.5 ml and 15 ml. All Lunette's Menstrual Cups are soft and flexible, however, the Lunette's size 2 is made of slightly firmer silicone than the Lunette's size 1

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6438458000039
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