Baking soda for cleaning, 700 g

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Everyone has probably come across cleaning tips that involve baking soda. And no wonder, as this great ingredient is a truly excellent, eco-friendly cleaner! It doesn't pollute the environment or release harmful particles that irritate your breath.


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An ecological everyday helper for cleaning!

Baking soda is a natural, ecological all-purpose household cleaning product and a great everyday helper. Nature will appreciate this choice and your respiratory system will rejoice, as cleaning with baking soda does not release any nasty irritating particles or odours into the air. Nothing but freshness and cleanliness.

Since long ago, baking soda has been known to be a very ecological and versatile cleaning partner. It is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to clean many surfaces and places in your home.

The internet is full of baking soda tips, and it's no wonder, because this great everyday helper is so incredibly versatile that you'll be surprised!

Bicarbonate of soda.

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