Black soap, 1000 ml

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Provence brings us natural beauty in a black soap with style! Suitable for all surfaces! Made of olive oil!


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Black soap – a diverse cleaner!

Marius Fabre has been making Black Soap from olive oil for 115 years in Provence, France. It is a natural and very effective, economical and ecological product for cleaning all surfaces of the home. It replaces ten different cleaning products and eventually becomes an invaluable product, especially in the kitchen.

Black soap is suitable for cleaning all surfaces of the home, floors, tiles, silver, copper, leather, clothes and stains, pet washing, barbecue cleaning and more. .

Marius Fabre's products are ecological, clean and biodegradable, which makes them attractive and comfortable to use. The Marseille range is suitable for the whole family and all skin types.

Please note that when you order this product from the online store, we will exceptionally and reluctantly pack it carefully in a partially biodegradable plastic wrapping. After all, ecology is an issue close to our hearts. However, for this product, plastic packaging is still the only way to protect the shipment during transport. Of course, we want to make sure you receive your order in perfect condition!
INCI: Olive oil-based potassium soap (15-30%), water> 30%. 100% natural.
  • Origin France
  • EAN: 3298650501016
  • SKU: MARIUS-329865501016

"My favorite soap cleans the whole house! I only need this soap for cleaning, and it suits perfectly, especially for bathroom cleaning."

- Miska