White wine vinegar for cleaning, 500 ml

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An ecological everyday cleaning helper! Vinegar is a familiar cleaning companion and is once again gaining popularity thanks to its affordability, ecology and natural effectiveness. White vinegar brightens and freshens almost everything while nature thanks you.


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Excellent vinegar makes everything shine!

Marius Fabre's cleaning vinegar is a white vinegar developed for cleaning. It removes limescale, disinfects, cleans and leaves surfaces shiny.


Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that has been around for a long time and can be used to make almost anything bright and fresh - without toxins!


Marius Fabre's colourless and non-toxic cleaning vinegar is made by alcoholic fermentation and acetification of beetroot or corn. Cleaning vinegar can actually be used instead of any detergent or degreaser. It is also ideal for disinfecting surfaces and as a fabric softener. You can also use it as a dishwasher rinse aid.


Vinegar is an unbeatable cleaner for coffee makers and electric kettles (check your appliance instructions to make sure that vinegar cleaning is not explicitly forbidden).


Nature loves this choice - if you're not already a vinegar enthusiast, now's a good time to try!


Please note that when you buy this product online, we will exceptionally and relentlessly pack it in a partially biodegradable plastic wrapper, because ecology is close to our hearts. For this product, plastic wrapping is still the only way to protect the shipment from damage during transport. Of course, we want to make sure that you receive your order in prime condition!

Vinegar, 14% acidity.

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