Blueberry Juice, 350 ml

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Finnish blueberry juice makes the difference!


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Finnish blueberry juice makes the difference!

Cold-pressed and pasteurized unsweetened Finnish blueberry juice from Raitaniemi berry farm. An incredibly tasty treat for the whole family to sip on! Raitaniemi is a family-run business in central Finland, whose operating principle is to produce berries without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The Raitaniemi berry farm focuses on organic berry cultivation and further processes the berries into high-quality, tasty juices and berry powders.

Ingredients: blueberry (100%). Dilutable.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6420616471027
  • SKU: RAITA-6420616471027

"Tastes so delicious mixed up with cold water – best beverage ever and no added sugar!"

- Miska