Crowberry Juice, 350 ml

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Super healthy juice from the humble crowberry!


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Super healthy juice from the humble crowberry!

Raitaniemi Berry Farm's crowberry juice contains only crowberries - nothing else. The strong-tasting crowberry juice is suitable for diluting - or drinking as "health shots".

The crowberry is a forgotten berry treasure that lurks in the bushes of our forests.According to a study by the University of Oulu's Ecology and Genetics Research Unit, the good bacteria in the crowberry's stomach are fighting tooth and nail to support health. The research found that crowberries have their own microbial community, which has a significant impact on human well-being.

Crowberry contains even more healthy ingredients than blueberries and lingonberries.

Crowberries are a good source of dietary fiber. 2 dl of crowberries contain the same amount of fibrer as, for example, a good 1 dl of raisins.
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