Lemongrass Incense, 15 g

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A mood-boosting, fresh scent of essential oils in the middle of a summer evening with just invited guests, without the hustle and bustle!


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The citrusy scent takes the peaceful atmosphere of a summer evening to the skies!

Maroma, Lemongrass Incense 15 g. Fresh and refreshing, mood-enhancing fragrance with essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and palmarosa.

Lemongrass essential oil is known for its aroma-therapeutic energy that clears concentration and thoughts.

Lovely ginger brings warmth to the evening and palmarosa clears thoughts, boosts self-esteem and uplifts and lightens moods.

What better scent to lift the mood on a summer evening! And the citrus scent won't attract any nasty, pungent summer evening guests, so you can enjoy the evening in peace and quiet with the company you've been invited to!

lemongrass, gingergrass, palmarosa, wood powder, bamboo stick

  • Origin India
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