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Mega delicious Meta Mate


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Mega delicious Meta Mate

The Meta Mate 1 is the absolute choice of a mate lover! This Meta mate, the very first one in the order, is a delight to the eye with its quality and taste.

"The Brazilian luxury mate is made to last and is the freshest yerba mate available. You can smell and taste its freshness. The organic mate tea you get here is pure green gold. Have we praised enough? Maybe not, but try it for yourself :)"

Depending on your preference, you can enjoy this yerba mate cold or hot. Thanks to its mild taste, this great drink is perfect for beginner mate drinkers. So sip this green gold in your throat and fall in love forever!

Matelaituri is not just any dock, but a unique stepping stone along whose planks the traditional South American power drink mate wanders to the North Pole: just add clean water and your invincible power drink is ready for sips!

Pure, Finnish waters has inspired the names of Matelaituri's products, from lakes to rivers and coastal lagoons, from lighthouse islands to northern wading birds. Try and enjoy!
Ingredients: Meta Mate 1, organic.
  • Origin Brazil
  • EAN: 7896328200825
  • SKU: MATELA-7896328200825