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No need for plastic wraps. Join the plastic free revolution!


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Now you don't even need any plastic wrap!

Here's a Finnish alternative to the hugely popular Bee's Wrap beeswax wrap. The storage wrap, handcrafted from recycled fabric and Finnish beeswax, beats the plastic film at least 6-0.

Please note that since the wrapper is made from recycled fabrics, the pattern may vary.

This domestic storage wrapper is very convenient and measures 25 x 27 cm. It's reusable, made of beeswax, and an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic films. Using beeswax is easier than making hay! Soften the wrap in the heat of your hands and wrap it tightly around the product to be preserved. Wash with cool water after use and use again!

Use of beeswax wrap: Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or use as a bowl cover! Use the heat of your hands to soften the cloth and wrap it tightly around the product to be preserved. The wrapper retains its shape in the cool. Reusable. Wash with cool water. Beeswax wrap is an environmentally friendly, organic alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

NOTE! Do not wash in hot water otherwise, the beeswax will leave and the product will no longer work.

Recycled fabrics, domestic beeswax

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430022890060
  • SKU: MESILÄ-123