Monoi Oil, vanilla, 100 ml

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This vanilla enriched monoi oil also has a delightful fragrance!


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Monoi oil enriched with vanilla also delights with its fragrance!

A uniquely wonderful, authentic and world-renowned Monoi oil!

Gentle & sunny Monoi means fragrance oil or holy oil in Tahitian.

Monoi's fabulous and recognisable scent immediately brings to mind a sunny beach and warm sand under your toes. Monoi's subtle and enchanting scent comes from the unique and precious Tiare flower, extracted in refined coconut oil.

Genuine Monoi oil is the true beauty secret of the Polynesians! The oil moisturizes and softens the skin and protects it from the harmful effects of the sun and sea, in a completely natural way. Monoi oil could even be called a miracle product that has nurtured and preserved the legendary hair of Tahitian women throughout the ages.

Monoi has many uses:

— It deeply moisturises the surface layers of the skin and leaves the skin's surface hydrated for many hours. After a shower, it moisturizes and leaves a silky finish; in the bath, it softens water and moisturizes the skin, treating dry, damaged hair and making it shiny and stronger.

— Monoi is also great as a massage oil as it deeply relaxes and releases muscle tension. Monoi oil has also been used in the traditional Tahitian massage, Taurum.

Monoi oil has a unique composition that is solid at temperatures below 20°C.

Tiare Tahiti Gardenia Tahitensis flower grows in Tahiti and its islands. It symbolizes purity and beauty. It is also one of the most important natural ingredients in traditional Polynesian natural medicine. It appears in many preparations as a soothing, softening and restorative element.

The flowers used in Monoi de Tahiti oil come from the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. Polynesian Coprah is the famous refined oil that is the base oil of Monoi de Tahiti. It is made from sun-dried coconuts, which grow only in French Polynesia and are naturally dried. They produce the light and silky oil sought after by leading laboratories around the world.

INCI: 99% Monoi de Tahiti Tiki A.O. made in Tahiti, fragrance vanilla. Paraben-free. Natural antioxidant (vitamine E).

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