Traditional Matcha Ceremony Set

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The Traditional Matcha Ceremony Set contains five different Moya Matcha tools to help you prepare matcha the right way. The set includes green organic matcha, a matcha bowl, a bamboo whisk and whisk holder and a traditional Japanese matcha spoon.


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Traditional Matcha ceremony set includes everything a matcha lover needs

"The Matcha traditional ceremony kit includes everything you need for a traditional matcha experience. With the equipment you can perform the Japanese ""The way of tea"" ceremony. The product is also an excellent and beautiful gift for those interested in matcha.




Contents of the ceremony package:




Matcha traditional 30 g


High quality organic match from Japanese first and second crop leaves. Balancedly rich and bitter sweet taste, creamy mouthfeel and green color of malachite.




Matcha whisk


A traditional bamboo whisk for making matcha. The whisk is carved from one piece of bamboo with unwavering craftsmanship.




Matcha Bowl (Matchawan)


A traditional matcha bowl made of clay.




Matcha Spoon (Chashaku)


A traditional Japanese spoon made of bamboo. Use a spoon to dispense the matcha into a bowl.




Whisk (Naoshi)


A traditional ceramic whisk holder that allows the bamboo whisk to dry better and improve its life."

100% green matcha tea*. *Organic

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