Beard Shaper Woodland, 50 ml

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For sculpting beard and moisturizing facial skin. With great caring oils.


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MrBear’s Woodland-scented face cream and shaving- and care cream is easy magic!

Mr Bear Family has combined styling and beard moisturizer in one, made from natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Argan Oil, Shea butter and witch hazel.
It helps to create a natural hold that helps to maintain the shape of the beard all through out the day with out wheing it down. Perfect for the everyday styling of your beard. Relieves redness, irritation, and dry skin and gives the beard a more fuller and richer touch. Preferably combine the beard shaper with Mr. Bear Beard Brew or Beard Balm (or both) to give your beard a shine of excellence.
Application: Start by pumping out a small amount of lotion on your fingertips. Rub it between your fingers until it's easy to handle. Stroke it through your beard and use a comb, brush or your hands for the sculpting of your choice. It's easy to wash out using warm water and soap. If used together with oil and/ or balm use the lotion as a finisher to add hold and structure to your beard.

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