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Blackcurrant Leaf Tea, 25 g

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From dried organic blackcurrant leaves you can infuse a wonderfully aromatic and good-for-you drink.


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Juicy blackcurrant conquers the tea lover!

Nordicforyou, Blackcurrant leaf, dried, 25 g.Warm, aromatic blackcurrant leaf tea warms up a cold body.

Blackcurrant is a shrub native to the Finnish countryside, although nowadays it has mostly spread into the wild from plantations. When dried, and especially when ground, they make an excellent herbal tea. Blackcurrant flowers can also be collected and dried to make tea.Try this excellent healthy drink and be delighted of the superior taste!

Black currant leaves * (fermented) and blackcurrants *. organic*.

Storage: In dry room temperature.

  • Origin Finland
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