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Garlic & Goutweed Salt, 80 g

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Sprinkle this salt on your door, and you'll keep the bloodsuckers at bay! A slightly less imaginative, but still delicious use can be found in the kitchen.


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Vampire repellent salt!

Nordicforyou, Garlic & Goutweed salt, 80 g. Very tasty salt for friends of garlic! A pinch of salt with garlic and goutweed in baked dishes, soups, vegetables, savoury pastries and fillings takes the flavour to a new level.

This flavoured salt goes great with fresh cucumber and other vegetables. It also makes a great gift.

Garlic was probably already used when the pyramids at Giza were built. Garlic was also cultivated in the Nordic countries during the Viking Age. Garlic is an excellent spice that everyone knows about. There is probably someone who doesn't like garlic, but we haven't heard much about that person. Even a small piece of garlic can have a noticeable impact on the taste and aroma of food.

Goutweed is often considered a weed and its roots spread widely. Goutweed is a wild herb that can be used in a variety of ways, such as in salads or hot dishes. A delicious herb that tastes like carrot and celery and goes perfectly with garlic!

Sea salt 94 %, dried garlic 4 %,  dried ground elder 2 %.

Storage: In dry room temperature.

  • Origin Finland
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