Magnesium Spray Joint, 100 ml

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Great for joints and muscles!


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Great for joints and muscles!

Magnesium Spray helps joints and muscles to relax! Try for muscle cramps and stiff joints. Children and pregnant women can also use it. The Magnesium Spray is efficient and easy to use. Spray directly on the emergency area. Try and be amazed by the result!

In addition to natural magnesium, the formula also contains pyrola oil, glucosamine, and menthol. This product will love your joints. Twenty sprays contain 180 mg of magnesium — pharmaceutical quality.

Use: 10-20 sprays on desired area, massage lightly. Start with 10-20 sprays three times a day and reduce the dose to 5-10 sprays two times a day. Always massage the oil lightly into the skin after spraying. We recommend the spray for daily use.

The superior absorption of magnesium spray has been confirmed in uptake studies conducted at Cardiff, Ulster, and Sheffield's universities. Wherever you spray magnesium, your whole body can take advantage of it. The magnesium spray is an excellent companion for you who have a sensitive stomach, who can not tolerate taking magnesium supplements internally. Even some medicines can make magnesium supplements less well absorbed. If so, try magnesium spray!

One bottle is enough for 800 sprays.

The mouth of the mineral-based spray bottle can be easily clogged. Tip! Keep the mouth of the bottle open under running hot water, and the spraying will work again.
Water, concentrated by Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride hexahydrate (water, magnesium chloride hexahydrate), glucosamine sulphate 2KCL (from fish and crustaceans), natural menthol oil, Wintergreen essential oil, polysorbate 20.
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