Organic chocolate Easter Eggs, Vegan, 150 g

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Beautiful vegan Easter eggs sweetened with coconut flower nectar are wonderful and suitable for many diets!


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Vegan Easter eggs sweetened with coconut flower nectar are suitable for both vegans and people with soy allergy!

Beautiful and decorative Easter chocolates will make your table pretty and take the Easter celebration to the next level.

So grab yourself some these chocolate Easter treats and enjoy the start of spring!

Try them out and fall in love!

Cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar* 25,4 %, dried rice syrup*, cocoa mass*, emulsifier: sunflower citine*, natural vanilla*. *organic production. May contain traces of nuts (almond, hazelnut, walnut, cashew, pecan, Brazil nut, pistachio, macadamia nut), nut-based products and milk. Store in a dry and cool place.

Nutritional values per 100 g: Energy 2370 kJ (569 kcal), fat 38,5 g (of which saturated fat 22,7 g), carbohydrates 49,6 g (of which sugars 26,2 g), fibre 5,7 g, protein 3,2 g, salt 0,15 g.

  • Origin Belgium
  • EAN: 6430033171127
  • SKU: OHOI-6430033171127