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Beeswax is an ecological alternative to New Year's tin melting!


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An ecological alternative to New Year's tin melting!

OnnenApila beeswax is an ecological and non-toxic alternative to the New Year's tin melting. Melt the wax in a metal container and pour in cold water.
The beeswax pattern will rise to the surface of the water. The casting can be used later either as modelling wax or cast as a candle. 100% beeswax.


Beeswax melts at approx. 60°C. Melted beeswax is poured into cold water. Do not melt wet wax again, but dry it first.
The safest way to melt the wax is in a 75°C water bath, but do not burn yourself with hot water. Never heat beeswax to a boil, as it may catch fire at boiling point (100 degrees). Do not use a tin ladle to melt beeswax, as molten tin can add heat. If beeswax catches fire, it should be extinguished by smothering using a fire blanket or a non-combustible cover. Do not attempt to extinguish beeswax with water as it will splash. Children and pets should be kept at a safe distance from molten beeswax.

  • Origin Finland
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