Pea-Fava Bean Bits, 200 g

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Pea and fava bean bits are like soy snacks - except that those allergic to soy can enjoy them with pleasure! Great multipurpose use and easy to prepare. Organic plant protein on your plates!


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Organic plant protein on your plates!

A pea and fava bean bits is like a soy bits - just as versatile in its use in all kinds of cooking - except it doesn't contain soy, because it's a pea and fava bean product!

The organic plant protein also finds its way onto a mixed plate and you can cook with it whatever you like!

Quick and easy to prepare, it's a favourite for hectic everyday life!
Pea protein concentrate* 79,8%, fava bean protein concentrate* 19%, salt 1,2%. *organic.
Nutritional value/100 g: Energy 1428 kJ (339 kcal), fat 4,1 g (of which saturated 0,9 g), carbohydrates 15,0 g (of which sugars 2,9 g), dietary fiber 15,0 g, protein 53,0 g, salt 1,200 g.
  • Origin Denmark
  • EAN: 6430033173787
  • SKU: ORGAN-6430033173787