Crunchy Shiitake Mushrooms, 40 g

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A mushroom treat that melts in your mouth!


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Shroomy delicacy that melts in the mouth!

Here's a revolutionary snack! The down-to-earth umami flavor of shiitake mushrooms combined with a touch of Himalayan salt, this delicacy takes away the salt cravings guaranteed!

Shiitake mushrooms from Japan and China have been used in traditional oriental medicine for hundreds of years.

Other Foods - the mushroom snacks in the product range taste and feel the same as naturally, slowly fried mushrooms. The products do not contain artificial colors, additives or preservatives.

Ingredients: Shiitake mushroom, responsibly produced green palm oil, maltose, Himalayan salt. May contain soy.

  • Origin United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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"My new favorite for a salty snack! Shiitake tastes strong, and the pouch contains just a suitable amount of these delicacies for one person to enjoy."

- Tiina

"The best delicacy ever! The perfect mix of sweet and salty, I can not get enough of these!"

- Roosa

"Top snack! One bag goes in no time. This suits great for hiking snack or when ever you feel like to have a bite."

- Mirde

"Great grouchy snack that beats up the traditional chips way over. Nice taste of mushroom. It suits also with wok meals and oriental salad as a surprise bite!"

- Tiina