Alkaline Herbal Tea, 100 g

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A mild-tasting, alkaline herbal drink made from nature's most potent herbs! Made of 49 carefully selected ingredients from organic farming.


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The ideal complement to detox or cellulite regimens, fasting or dieting!

Made from 49 different herbs, seeds, roots and flowers, P. Jentschura's alkaline, mild-tasting herbal tea is an ideal fasting and diet drink.

It's organic and natural without additives, preservatives and colourings. The minerals and trace elements in the drink are of natural origin. This refreshing herbal drink is ideal as a support for detox cures. It contains active herbs (e.g. dandelion and fennel) that are particularly beneficial for digestion and stomach & intestinal health.


1 litre of tea 1 tablespoon of loose tea
1 cup 1 teaspoon of loose tea

Place the herbal infusion in a teapot or mug and add boiling water. Allow the tea to simmer for 2-3 minutes at most and pour through a sieve. To make the herbal drink alkaline, use the herbal mix only once.

Make more at once and drink throughout the day - as a cold drink, for example.
Licorice root, Lemon balm, Lemon peel, Lovage, Thyme, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Lovage root, Wild thyme, Plantain, Grape leaf, Apple peel, Fennel seed, Hyssop leaf, Apple peel, Fennel seed, Linden flower, Lungwort, Marjoram, Rose petals, Rosemary leaf, Rosehip peel, Caraway, Lavender flower, Celery leaf, Aniseed, Artichoke, Verbena, Strawberry leaf, Tarragon, Eucalyptus leaf, Elder flower, Blackcurrant leaf, Hops, Cardamom, Caraway seed, Dandelion leaf, Maté, orange leaf, artichoke leaf, basil, nettle leaf, blackberry leaf, dill seed, Bog bilberry, Raspberry leaf, Coriander, Ramsons, Pimpernel, Summer savory, Dill
  • Origin Germany
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