Sunscreen For The Face SPF50, 40 ml

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Can there be such a sunscreen? Light, strong protection factor, transparent and moisturizing formula. You can forget the thick white grease that messes up and stings the eyes.


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Natural super cream for sunbathing!

Patyka Sunscreen for the face SPF50, 40 ml. The number one sunscreen when you need natural protection and caring properties! A high protection factor (UVA/UVB) protects your skin even in the hottest heat. It does not leave white streaks because it has a transparent texture. The cream is so wonderfully light that it feels like nothing is on your skin.

You can also moisturize your face during the day because this cream is waterproof. Dermatologists recommend this sunscreen, and it is also suitable for sensitive skin. In addition to sun protection, the cream has antioxidant effects, which always make us happy. This natural sunscreen moisturizes and smoothes the skin, as the active ingredients include hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

Test and see for yourself how wonderful it is!

Patyka is a wonderful natural cosmetics brand from Paris! The philosophy of Patyka's luxury products is based on organic raw materials, Fair Trade principles, and top-quality technical knowledge in manufacturing. The series has been carefully thought out and polished - The Patyaka products are real luxury items!

  • Origin France
  • EAN: 3700591914911
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