Perga Pollen, 100 g

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Helps to improve sleep quality!


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If you can´t sleep - have some perga!

What is perga?

Perga, or bee bread, is lactic acid-fermented pollen processed by bees and stored in beehives to be eaten by bees. Lactic acid fermentation is caused by lactic acid bacteria in the bee's saliva. Lactic acid fermentation softens the hard shell of the pollen particle, making the nutrients it contains more readily available to the human body than ordinary pollen. Perga is collected from the hives by hand!

Perga brings help to the beekeeper's everyday life - the benefits of using perga! Perga is beekeeper Esa Pesonen's own favourite product. And not without reason:

- There's nothing I can be as grateful for as perga. I was keeping watch over my nights for over 40 years and when I discovered perga, things changed," Esa enthuses. The beneficial properties of perga are based on its tryptophan amino acid, which affects the production of both serotonin and melatonin.


Ingredients: Pollen fermented in lactic acid by bees.

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