Pollen Honey, 200 g

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Pollen honey will give you a buzz!


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Pollen honey will give you a buzz!

Pesosen mehiläistarhat, Pollen Honey, 200 g. This is a great and easy-to-use blend of bee pollen and domestic quality honey. So now enjoy the pollen in a delicious and effective form mixed with honey!

Pesosen mehiläistarhat (mehiläistarha=apiary) is a small family business producing honey with 30 years of experience. It’s located in Pirkanmaa, Finland's beautiful nature, where work is done with wholehearted respect for the bees and the natural environment. The honey from Pesosen mehiläistarhat is unheated and lightly filtered.

Please Note: Pollen can cause symptoms among pollen allergies. 

Honey, pollen

  • Origin Finland
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