Diffuser Elephant AD-08 White, 120 ml

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The ultrasonic diffuser produces a wonderfully fine vapour that makes dry air fresh and easy to breathe. If you wish, you can use the essential oil to create an intimate, meditative or refreshing atmosphere in the room.


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Good luck and good breathing air with elephant!

The Puhdas+ Ultra Sonic Aroma Diffuser is a captivatingly bizarre elephant-shaped diffuser that uses ultrasonic waves to produce a fine vapour. The delicate vapour moisturizes the air, leaving it fresh and fragrant.Dry indoor air is a bit of a nuisance in many homes, especially in winter and mucous membranes in the nose can be put to the test, while skin can also express its dissatisfaction by itching. A diffuser can help by humidifying the air with a pleasant fine vapour, making the air more pleasant to breathe. The more humid air also traps dust and reduces its spread, which is good for the respiratory system.

If you wish, you can add essential oils to the water to create the desired atmosphere in the room with the scent you want. For example, you can choose a calming or uplifting oil depending on your mood.

The elephant-shaped diffuser brings a lovely atmosphere to the room.

Especially suitable for the children's room.

LED light that changes colour (7 different colours). Automatic switch-off when the water runs out. Water tank 120 ml.

Note: USB cable included, no adapter.

Enjoy life and breathe easy!

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