Essential Oil, Clary Sage, 10 ml

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Versatile help for you journey!

Nutty scented clary sage was originally cultivated in southern Europe and Syria, from where it later spread throughout the world. Clary sage is named after a variety of grape. It's used to flavour Muscat wines, which are aromatic, floral and sweet.

The essential oil of clary sage is distilled from the flowering tops and leaves of the plant. Clary sage essential oil strengthens the body and mind in times of physical, nervous and sexual weakness and relaxes and balances the body and mind. The oil has a sweet, nutty herbal and warm fragrance.

So try this great oil now and fall in love for ever!

Please note! Use with care when applying clary sage oil. It weakens concentration and is therefore not suitable for use in a fast-reacting work environment or in traffic.

Salvia Sclarea Oil

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