Fast-acting sleep powder, 90 g

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Sleep well, be well!


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Sleep well, be well!

Puhdas+, Fast-acting sleep powder, 90 g. The Fast-Acting Sleep Powder is a safe and effective choice when it is difficult to fall asleep. The Sleep Powder contains for example melatonin that helps to shorten the time to fall asleep and chamomille, which has a relaxing effect.

Dosage for Adults: 1 measuring spoon of powder mixed with water (measuring spoon comes with the jar).

Please Note: Do not exceed the daily dose that has been instructed on the package. Remember that a dietary supplement does not replace a versatile diet or healthy life habits. Please, take care that this product is always out of the reach of the children. Thank you!

Health claims / EFSA:
M-2008-1061 2088 - Matricaria recutita (Common Name : Chamomile) - Relaxation

Chamomile, inositol, glycine and melatonin.

1 measuring spoon (3 ml):

Chamomile 350 mg

Melatonin 1 mg

Inositol 600 mg

Glycine 1000 mg

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430050009007
  • SKU: PUHDAS-6430050009007

"The savior of good nights of sleep gets credits from Ruohonjuuri clients! It is easy to use in the evenings if you have even a slight feeling that you want to get to sleep nice and easy!"

- Hanna

"This helps me on nightshifts, so I can go to sleep when my worknight is over. The taste is good too!"

- Jonna

"This is my favorite sleeping buddy when nothing else helps. The gentle powder tastes lovely and allows me to get sleep in no time."

- Salla