Magnesium spray, 150 ml

Magnesium spray, 150 ml

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The saviour of muscle pain and joints! 100% natural and long-lasting with 800 sprays. Perfect after exercise!


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A savior of joints, an alleviator of muscle pain!

The famous and excellent price-quality magnesium spray is externally sprayed directly on the skin. The spray is quickly absorbed through the skin throughout the body.

The Finnish Pure & Caps magnesium spray is an easy-to-use and sufficient spray for replenishing and maintaining magnesium stores. Pure + Magnesium Spray is a strong (31%) and pure magnesium spray. The product contains 100% pure and natural Zechstein Inside magnesium chloride. 4-5 sprays contain about 320-400 mg of highly absorbable magnesium.

The product is 100% natural and rich (more than 800 sprays). It is especially suitable for use after a workout or workout. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, relaxing the muscles and has a calming effect on the whole body.
Ingredients: magnesium chloride, aqua.
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430050003135
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