Puhdas+ Beauty DNA Serum 30 ml Flawless For Hyperpigmentated Skin

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Puhdaas+ Beauty DNA Serum - Flawless for Hyperpigmented Skin is meant for you, whose genetic skin characteristics cause pigment changes. This serum helps get rid of liver spots.


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Super serum corrects pigment changes

Puhdas+ BEAUTY DNA is a new and innovative skincare concept that offers targeted products based on human genetic characteristics. An easy-to-do DNA test will tell you the secrets you inherited and we will provide the answers. Take the test first. Based on the result, you will know what your skin really needs. Puhdas+ Beauty DNA Serum - Flawless for Hyperpigmented Skin. Flawless serum is targeted for people, whose skin is genetically prone to hyperpigmentation. Skin pigmentation disorders, or liver spots, are a nasty but familiar phenomenon. Pigmentation is caused by damaged skin cells. Dark spots are color deposits and are due to local overproduction of melanin or local overproduction of melanocytes. Hyperpigmentation is generally harmless, but can sometimes be due to an underlying disease or hormonal causes. Certain medications can also make your skin darken. It is more of a cosmetic problem for people. The larch extract (Larix Gmelinii) in the flawless serum helps the skin to prevent and correct pre-existing pigment changes.

Glyserin, Aqua, LARIX GMELINII WOOD EXTRACT, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

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