Puhdas+ Oat fiber + Olive Polyphenols and Lactic acid bacteria, 200 g

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Nutritious, gluten-free oat fibre with polyphenols is the best friend of those with a sensitive tummy - the festive combo also includes lactic acid bacteria. This versatile fibre supplement for your wellbeing is available exclusively from Ruohonjuuri in celebration of our birthday!


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Fibre-rich care for a sensitive stomach.

Feeling well and full! An effective combination of gluten-free oat fiber, olive fruit extract polyphenols and lactic acid bacteria. Oat fiber does not swell in the liquid, so it is also suitable as a fiber supplement for sensitive stomachs. The versatile composition is complemented by a standardized Hytolive® olive fruit extract containing natural hydroxytyrolysol and a versatile mixture of lactic acid bacteria containing three strains.

Oat fiber, olive fruit extract, lactic acid bacteria mixture. Free of lactose, yeast, gluten, sugar, salt, starch, corn, soy and sweeteners

Nutritional content 1-2 tablespoons of fiber 3.3-6.6 g, hydroxytyrosol 5-10 mg, Bifidobacterium lactis 0.6 mlj. Live bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum 0.4 mill. live bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus 0.2 mill. live bacteria

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