Argan Oil (Argan Oil), 50 ml

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Pure=Beauty Argan oil is a particularly effective aid for dry and aging skin. The oil can also be used in the treatment of sunburned skin, scars, and acne.


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Multipurpose argan oil is suitable for face, body and hair!

The scent of Pure=Beauty argan oil is pleasant, slightly nutty, and quickly evaporates from the skin. Due to the highest level of quality and the resulting low peroxide content and acidity, premium argan oil has a lighter scent than argan oils from many other ranges.

How to use Pure=Beauty Argan oil?

Precious argan oil is said to be the most perfect of all oils due to its amazing vitamin E and rich antioxidant content, as well as its effects that slow down skin aging. Skin-repairing and regenerating argan oil has also been successfully used to treat burned skin and acne and chicken pox scars. Argan oil is also suitable for massaging painful joints.

Pure=Beauty argan oil is a wonderful product in its versatility. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used on the face, body, and hair. You can rub the oil on the skin as it is or add a drop to, for example, a hair conditioner or face toner.

How does Pure=Beauty Argan oil work?

The high antioxidant content of Pure=Beauty argan oil combats skin stress caused by environmental pollution and UV radiation. Vitamin E and fatty acids necessary for the skin prevent the action of free radicals in the skin cells and, simultaneously, strengthen and improve the skin's elasticity. Linoleic acid helps reduce inflammation.

The ideal growing conditions and soil for the argan tree can be found in the Tamanar region of Morocco. The argan nuts used for this argan oil are grown organically by a Tamanari cooperative. The international organic certifier Ecocert supervises local organic farms with the Moroccan organic authorities.
  • Origin Morocco
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