Lion's Mane Coffee - filter grind, 227g

Lion's Mane Coffee - filter grind, 227g

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Lion's Mane mushroom coffee is an ingenious way to combine the enjoyment of gourmet coffee supplementing with the daily dosage of Lion's Mane mushroom, which strengthens thinking and concentration, in a cup of coffee suitable even for sensitive stomachs.


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Different coffee pleasure!

Rå Hygge's low-acid Lion's Mane mushroom coffee is a thought-provoking and delicious way to enjoy your coffee moments and at the same time help focus on the day's work or studies. Also works for caffeine sensitive people! 

Medium-roasted Lion's Mane mushroom coffee contains double-extracted Lion's Mane mushroom [Hericium Erinaceus], which enriches its flavor profile with earthy and sweet undertones and umami taste. 

This low-acid Lion's Mane mushroom coffee is both refreshing, and many health-conscious people love the effects of the mushrooms for better focused thinking. 

Try for yourself how this mushroom coffee wakes you up! 

Why is low-acid mushroom coffee also suitable for caffeine-sensitive people? 

Many people who get jitters and throbbing symptoms from coffee, or people who are sensitive to caffeine and suffer from reflux, have found that coffee with low acidity does not cause these symptoms in them. So low acid coffee brings the enjoyment of coffee back to life for many who had to give it up! The change in pH does not affect the amount of caffeine in the coffee beans or the taste of the coffee. 

In Rå Hygge's own coffee roastery located in southern Sweden, the coffee beans are gently processed in small batches, using a patented process developed by the company itself, where the pH of the coffee rises to 6.5 (most coffees are typically at the level of 4.0–5.0).All Rå Hygge’s mushroom coffee has been developed with a flavor profile in mind, which combines the ideal degree of roasting and the flavor of the mushroom. 

Lion's Mane, like other functional mushrooms, further enhances coffee's low acidity in addition to its other wellness-supporting properties. 


Grind the coffee beans either for Pour-over, stamp pot coffee, filter coffee or espresso. The recommended amount is about 14 grams of ground mushroom coffee per cup of coffee or 7 grams per shot of espresso, a couple of times a day. 

Ingredients: Organic Arabica coffee (98%), organic double-extracted Lion's mane (hericum erinacea) (2%). The strength of the extract is 4520 mg/pack or 226 mg/cup. Middle roast. 

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