Nirwana Chocolate Bar, Vegan, 100 g

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A vegan chocolate treat that will take you to Nirvana!


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A vegan chocolate treat that will take you to Nirvana!

The raw cane sugar and cocoa of this chocolate come from Rapunzel's Hand-in-Hand contract producers.

Hand-in-hand is a social responsibility project founded by Rapunzel and certified by an external inspection organization, which provides producers with training, guidance, long-term guaranteed purchases, and a fair price for their products, higher than the world market. In addition to the criteria for organic production, the producer undertakes to improve the employees' working conditions, and no child labor is used. Farms have several policies to promote and conserve local biodiversity.
Ingredients: Sugar* (raw cane sugar), hazelnut* (21%), cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, rice flour*, cocoa powder*, soy lecithin as emulsifier*, Bourbon vanilla*. * = organic. May contain traces of almonds and milk.
  • Origin Switzerland
  • EAN: 4006040488897
  • SKU: RAPUNZ-4006040488897